Job Positions

Gamma Reality Inc.

Gamma Reality Inc. provides 3D, real-time radiation mapping, localization, and visualization technologies deployable on unmanned robotic platforms, manned vehicles, and in handheld configurations. We enable safer, faster, and more efficient ways to map, localize, assess, and respond to radioactive sources and contamination in complex indoor and outdoor environments.
If you love to nerd out about sensors and you’re happiest when you’re out in the field testing systems and collaborating with a diverse team of engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs, then apply today! More info here.

Program Officer for Nuclear Studies

Are you concerned about nuclear issues? If so, come work at the intersection of science and policy and join the team that advises the nation on matters of science and technology. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is seeking a Program Officer to join the Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board. Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board organizes and oversees consensus studies and other projects on safety, security, technical efficacy, and other policy and societal issues arising from the application of nuclear and radiation-based technologies. More info here

Hiring for Natrium

TerraPower is rethinking nuclear science using new technologies to design Generation-IV reactors and innovate in areas beyond energy. We’re investing in next-generation nuclear – that includes advancing nuclear medicine through our medical isotopes program, developing process heat applications, and creating 21st-century computer science programs. More info here

Senior Scientific Engineering Associate

In this exciting role, you will engage in innovative, applied research and development as part of a team of physicists and engineers working on the development of multi-sensor systems that apply computer vision concepts to overcome nuclear nonproliferation and safeguards challenges. You will contribute to the development of 2D and 3D object detection and transfer learning analyses for nuclear safeguards applications, build 3D mapping capability for different types of nuclear material containers, and inform and iterate on the design of the hardware and sensor package. For a full job description and to apply, please visit here.