Public Policy and Nuclear Threats Boot Camp

The summer workshop-in-residence at UC Sandiego, known as the Public Policy and Nuclear Threats (PPNT) Boot Camp, aims to give participants the knowledge and analytic tools to contribute to the debate on future U.S. nuclear policy.
The boot camp features lectures, discussions, debates, and policy simulations. Participants attend talks by distinguished researchers, academics, policy officials and operational specialists from leading universities, the National Laboratories, international organizations, government agencies dealing with nuclear threats, command and control, international safeguards, nonproliferation strategies, and other nuclear issues. More info and application here

Undergraduate Research Assistant

The Complexity Science research team in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley welcomes applications for an undergraduate research assistant in machine learning and algorithm development. The goal of this work is to develop and apply transferable multisource machine learning methods to classify nuclear operations—such as reactor operational states, fuel delivery, and reactor refueling—at previously unseen nuclear facilities of interest. Working within a team of nuclear engineers and computer scientists, the candidate will primarily contribute through software development and data analysis. Additional tasks may include supporting experimental data collection campaigns at nuclear reactor facilities. More info here